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3 Things to Consider when Fitting a Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor is an additional floor created within a building or structure which does not cover the entire footprint of the building it occupies. Hence, mezzanines provide open and additional space in large indoor spaces such as warehouses used by businesses. When used within a business space or warehouse, a mezzanine is often opted for as it permits a warehouse owner to make the most use of a space. There are of course though issues to consider when thinking of fitting a mezzanine floor within a warehouse, and here are three of the major ones.


Who to Turn to

Just as not all mezzanine floors are made equal neither do all suppliers of mezzanine flooring and solutions work equally as hard to provide the supplies you will need, orto provide them of the same high quality.

Hence, and because having a mezzanine floor fitted within a space where you, your staff or anyone is likely to work and as such need to be safe to do so, before you start calling local suppliers, take a moment to head over to the Acorn Warehouse Solutions Ltd website and give their guide: 6 Key Factors to Look For in a Mezzanine Supplier.

Your Current Use of Space

A surprisingly high proportion of those looking to add additional storage to a warehouse space by means of a mezzanine do so thinking that this will solve their storage problems. The reality meanwhile is that a warehouse which does not currently make efficient and intelligent use of its space is likely to carry this business-destroying habit on in a new or any additional space too.

Then, ahead of having a mezzanine floor fitted and in fact to determine whether you even require one, it is first imperative to take a very up close and personal look at how you use your current space and what you can do to improve your use of space.

For ideas as to what areas specifically to pay close attention to within your warehouse and how to potentially improve the way you use your current space, visit the Tompkins International website where you will find their brilliantly informative guide: How to Maximize Warehouse Space When Expansion Isn’t an Option.

Other Storage Solutions

Whilst a mezzanine floor might well prove the solution to your specific storage issue, or issues, it is not the only solution out there – and in some cases it is likely not to be the best.

Then, ahead of giving that mezzanine level project the green light and go ahead, take a moment to explore the potential provided by making use or better use of pallet racking, mobile shelving solutions and multi-tier racking. Not only are any of these solutions likely to save you a considerable amount of money if they can be appropriately implemented or used to supplement your current warehouse storage, they are far easier and take far less time to put into place and get using than a mezzanine floor.

To learn more about the options mentioned, continue your research via the Rackline website and specifically by reading their guide: Different types of warehouse storage equipment

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