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5 Reasons To Use Architectural Metal Panels For Commercial Projects

A number of complicated commercial projects use architectural metal panels, but what are the benefits? Known for strength and flexibility, architectural metal panels have been in use for a while now. In this post, we will talk about the five pros and advantages.Great for any project. Architectural metal panel systems can be used for most projects, regardless of the challenges. These systems are apt for replacing the regular heavy wall cladding and concrete, and the installation process is simpler and easier to say the list. These panels are versatile and can be used for aesthetic appeal, as well. Apart from using metal panels for the entire exteriors, architects also use panels for creating a contrasting design. Also, architectural metal panels are great for interior needs too and can be used as a replacement for drywall and wood.

  • More choices for every commercial requirement. There are a wide range of styles and finishes in architectural metal panels, which make them an apt choice for most projects. From the natural finishes to more painted options and colors, there are many options. Also, there are panels that are made of veneered wood and metal, so it can work for most complicated design needs. Nothing beats the versatility and number of choices in metal panels as far as diverse application is concerned.

  • Multiple material choices. Contrary to what many people may believe, metal panels are not limited by material choices. From steel and zinc alloys to aluminum, stainless steel and even copper, there are many options. The abundant number of metal choices also adds to the number of finishes and textures available. If you are just concerned about the aesthetics, copper and stainless steel are your best picks.

  • Sustainable choice for commercial needs. With architectural metal panels, architects and designers are sure of making an environmental friendly choice. A number of these panels contain recycled content, and therefore, you are reducing the amount of material waste that’s added by the commercial sector each year.
  • Durability that counts. No matter whether you have exterior needs or interior design demands, architectural metal panels are durable and last for decades to come. As compared to choices like drywall, wood and composites, these panels are long lasting and require no maintenance. Just make sure that you choose a brand like SmartCi.

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