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Important Tips On How To Operate a Portable Sandblaster

When you want to do sand blasting for your own home by yourself, a portable sand blaster may work out perfectly. This equipment was invented for you whether you want to strip off old paint or resurface your old automobile. Prepping your surface for a paint finish has been made quite easier and less bulky as compared to the other type of methods like sanding. With safe practice and proper use of blasting materials, you can soon be getting as good results as a pro blaster. Sandblasting can be a fun experience especially if you have been tackling the job of removing old paint with sandpaper and other chemicals. However, regardless of the ease of using such a machine, you still need guidelines on how to properly work a sandblasting machine to ensure that you do not harm yourself or cause damage to your sand blaster. Below are a few tips to help you and ensure you do not get bad results.

Wear protective Gear

Before starting any sandblasting job you should ensure that you put on protective equipment so as to shield yourself from accidental injuries. Some protective gear include protective clothing, helmets, respirators, eyes mouth and nose guards and gloves. It is advisable to keep your arms safe from air exposure while sandblasting.

Double check all Equipment

When you are ready to start your sand blasting job and you already have your protective gear on, ensue you double check certain parts such as; if the window and vent pipe are properly sealed up. You ought to start your dust removal tool in advance at least five minutes ahead of your sandblasting job. If your dust removal equipment malfunctions, then do not proceed to sandblast.

Properly maintain and keep your Equipment Clean

Proper maintenance of your portable sandblaster is key when it comes to operating your machine effectively. The air tank, safety valve and pressure gauge need to be verified on a regular basis. The air tank needs to be cleaned of dust at least every two weeks and the filter inside of the abrasive tank should be checked on a monthly basis.

Operate a Portable Sandblaster

Ask a Professional if you’re Stuck

Sometimes the whole sandblasting process can confuse you especially when you are new to it and you do not know the ropes around using the machine or what proper material to use for the sandblasting process. While there might be enough videos on the Internet that can help you, it is always wiser to consult a professional on how to go about it. You don’t want to harm yourself or anyone around you, so be sure to review the safety equipment and procedures that you will get from your supplier.

The main advantages of a portable sandblaster are the easiness to move with their complete accessories. Other than that, some models come with a remote control version which makes it even super easy to use. There are plenty of different types of sandblasting machines that are affordable and readily available but you need to ensure you get the best model and make to guarantee durability, performance, and lifespan.


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