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Keeping Industry-Competitive in a Volatile Market

Despite the fact that we are currently transitioning to renewables, a new energy market, and new industries, the truth is that we are still ever so reliant upon the industries of the past. Indeed, when it comes to mining and primary industries, Australia’s economy depends upon it in order to keep on turning. Without these primary industries, our economy suffers, and as a result, the rest of us suffer as well.

One of the challenges that face many primary industries today is how to remain competitive in a globalised market where it is possible to simply import many products and raw materials cheaper from countries where there is no minimum wage and where work standards are low. This scenario hurts many of our industries and places them in a challenging position when it comes to ongoing competitiveness. In this context, reducing operating costs is a clear imperative on the path to staying in business.

Decreasing the Cost of Machine and Equipment Parts

Most outsiders think of running costs like employee wages when it comes to operating costs, but there are actually other areas where costs can be reduced. One area where there is a lot of money spent each year by industry is in replacement parts for machines, tools, and other equipment.

It is clearly essential that any company replaces parts as quickly as possible when vital equipment breaks down. To do otherwise would be to cause delays and impact on the bottom line. One of the challenges that face many companies is the fact that many of these parts are specialised and often cost a lot of money. These costs are then passed on to customers and we have a situation where the company is simply less competitive in the market. But what if there was a local producer of machined parts?

Looking to the Locals for Support

The good news is that precision machining in Perth is available to any company nationwide that needs machined replacement parts for their equipment at reasonable prices. The advantage of going local like this is twofold, as follows:

  • Support: By buying replacement parts from another local company, the local economy is also supported. Furthermore, keeping the money in Australia supports the national economy and ensures that jobs are kept here. This is especially important given the uncertainty that many local industries are faced with and the impact that this has on their profits and their ability to remain competitive.
  • Cost Effective: The fact is that buying local means much more than simply local economic support. It also means that the company buying the replacement parts is paying less than they would normally pay to have specialised parts imported from elsewhere. The real flexibility in this scenario lies with the fact that CNC machining done by a local company can be done to order and can even be customised.

Any company buying machined parts locally not only supports the local economy, and by extension local jobs, but also decreases their own running costs because they can buy parts more cheaply and ensure that their machines and equipment operate well into the future.

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