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How To Intensify Your B2B Business Sales Process

Some marketers are finding great frustration day-to-day through the fact that they have generated new leads for their sales department, but the results are failing to follow through into conversions.

There is a deeply complex breakdown which needs to be analyzed here. The quality of lead, the relevance of lead and the length of the business customer buying journey. And you need to be aware of all of these factors, and probably more, within your business context to get the correct answer.

But let’s slow it down and understand that, escalating B2B sales is not a piece of cake. It is the matter of staying right in all dimensions; right time, right place, and right vendor. Sometimes, it takes months to get a deal closed when it comes to selling your product to another business. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to intensify your B2B business sales process.

  1. Ask for Honest Feedback

Even if you already have customers to buy your business, you always need to ask your customer for giving you honest feedback. It will not only increase your worth in their eyes that you value customer service but also will raise your standard. In addition to this, ask them what they really liked about your business and what compelled them to get into the buying process. In this way, you can learn what the best about your strategy and what else is needed to boost up the B2B business sales process is.

  1. Sell Via Killer Video

A small video clip which shows your selling strategy and your current customers can compel the other customers to get into the sale process. Show them for whom you are already providing your product or service. It will impact effectively to increase the level of trust in you. Thus, the sales process will not take a lot of time as companies usually prolong the buying process when you do not have any previous experience.

According to statistics about video marketing, four times more customer watch the video as compared to reading the written content.

  1. Ask for Video Testimonials

To speed up the sales process, it can be quite fruitful to ask your current customers to send you video testimonials. It will persuade the customers with whom the selling process is in the pipeline. So, use this strategy to influence the upcoming customers.

  1. Use Upselling & Cross-Selling Tactic

These techniques may seem similar; however, there is a tricky difference.

Cross-selling: it means offering your buyer something diverse but correlated to the principal product.

Upselling: it means upscaling the current product by offering some better product by outlaying little extra money.

You can intensify the sales process by adding value to your product or service. You can ask from your customer businesses to add the higher version of the product or to add some more value to the existing service. Hence, you can attract your customer to raise the level of service they are getting from you. In this way, you can make more money due to the clients already in your list. Besides, your clients will value the up gradation of service or product, and you can ask them to recommend you for other ventures.

  1. Organize Events

Boost up the sales process by organizing an event for the local community. Face to face networking helps you to stay in the minds of your clients. According to the ‘Marketing Charts,’ around 51% of marketers have confidence in events to strengthen up the relationship with the existing customer.

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