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Linen for Restaurants and Hotels

Whether running a catering business, busy restaurant, or a quiet hotel, there are some things that are always needed in that area of work, linen. It’s needed for just about everything in this field of work, including clothes, bedding, tabletop, towels, and the list goes on. What can be difficult is finding good-quality linen and a way to keep it clean.

Why Linen Is Important

It’s what the chef’s aprons are made from as they stand in front of the hot oven all night, it’s what lines the table tops that customers make accidental messes on at every meal, and it’s on every bed at night in hotels as occupants sleep. It’s one of those materials that may not seem important until the time comes when it’s needed. So, it’s always best to have it ready before the time of panic comes when the realisation hits that there’s no linen left.

Then, there’s the quality of the linen being used. Many linens out there are scratchy and uncomfortable on the skin, it gets dirty easily, and it’s just altogether made of low quality. For the best results and customer reviews, get the high-quality linen that your company deserves. A customer is going to respond better to softer fabric because, let’s face it, it’s easy to tell when looking at a low-quality fabric.

Where Linen is Most Used

Local linen companies will sell high-quality linen for several products. A chef can have his entire uniform made with high-quality fabrics that won’t stain nearly as easily and are comfortable to wear every day. Custom made to fit just right, a uniform is important to have for any job.

A restaurant with tablecloths on each table for their patrons know the importance of having clean, good-quality linen. It’s not good for any business if the cloth gets stained or rips easily.

At hotels where different occupants sleep every night, the bedding needs to be clean and soft every day before a new or returning guest checks in, and a high-quality fabric will help to ensure that. The same goes with the towels and washcloths in the bathroom. A soft towel is going to gain positive reviews over something of lower quality any day. For the sake of good business and reviews that impact the company, choose linens that will last.


There’s more to good linen than just the feel of it against the skin. It must be kept clean. However, there’s no bigger hassle than buying loads of linen, just to be the one to have to do all the laundry for it. So, what’s needed is to find a company to buy the linen from and who will continue to take care of it.

After selling the linen, some companies will leave it at that, but there are some that will sell the highest quality of products and continue to clean them frequently. It is just as important to them, as it is to their clients, that the linen stays clean for optimal customer service.

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