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What to Expect When Hiring a Lifting Crane for a Construction Project

The jobs, tasks, and projects you can complete with a crane are almost impossible to complete in any other way, at least not in a way that maximises safety and efficiency. But you don’t always require this kind of equipment and when you do, it is often for a short period of time.

Renting cranes is typically standard procedure but you still want to be careful about where you source the equipment because every company is different. The people you work with will obviously be cautious and have standard procedures but you want to work with professionals who are also looking out for you, which means extending their services to better serve the client.

When You Need a Crane Hire

When you work with one of these companies, you rely on them not only for the equipment but also for the success of your entire project to an extent. Reliability is an absolute must and if the equipment is late, your project may suffer.

When you hire a crane from a reputable source, you can count on excellent customer service, which begins with the initial booking of the equipment. Delivery should be arranged at a time that is either convenient or necessary for the project schedule.

You could also expect a site visit prior to the actual equipment delivery, even for a lifting crane in Macclesfield. This is to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate crane for your intended purpose. Crane hiring is more than just receiving equipment; those who are supplying the equipment want to organise the transaction in a way that satisfies both parties.

When You Need the Equipment Moved

Your crane suppliers will typically offer other services as well, including equipment lifting. If your equipment is immobile, you may need a way to shift its position or move it to another location and these services can be arranged throughout your project as well.

When You Need Additional Services

Additional services may include various forms of contract lifting and other single services that will typically be tailored to your needs specifically.

This may include an appointed professional to assist you with operating the equipment if necessary. Safety is immensely important, especially when using another company’s equipment, so if you are relatively new to crane operation, it couldn’t hurt to take advantage of these services.

You may also need road closures, plant lifting, or additional assistance with project planning and the most experienced crane professionals with be there for all of the above. It’s one thing to hire a crane but when you choose the right company, you get more than just the equipment.

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